Delivering awesome for eBay


Shutl is the delivery arm for eBay in the UK and is beginning to be encompassed into their global delivery strategy. Most of the work I am involved with for Shutl and eBay is currently only for internal eyes as the strategy develops and evolves.

I can however show some screenshots from some of the videos and creative work, which as you’d expect from a delivery company, is always moving forward!

What the client said:


“I have worked with many design agencies and freelance consultants over the past 18 years, but have failed to find anyone quite a good as Steve. That is why I keep going back to him. Steve has the perfect blend of business understanding, design and common sense approach to projects. He is efficient with his time and always goes the extra mile when you need it.

Steve has a lot of experience and great contacts who can help him deliver far greater output then you would expect from a single person. Steve’s work is as good as you would get from any premium agency at a fraction of the price and usually a fraction of the time too. He cuts through the bullshit and gets straight to what you need, he is an awesome guy to work with.”

Jason Tavaria, COO Shutl, eBay