Good vibrations


I’ve been lucky enough to work with the team at Rising Vibe for a number of years now having worked with the owner Lou Banks previously at Bolt From The You.

Rising Vibe are Culture Consultants that use emotion to drive cultural change within businesses. Traditionally, you might call them a ‘people development’ or ‘change management’ business but they don’t do traditional. From the company logo to day-to-day design requirements I’ve helped Lou build her brand to reflect this.

The brand concept was always going to have energy and colour and dynamism – the name itself is something of a call to action. But we deliberately chose an artistic feel to the brand to get across the idea of life being changeable, nothing set in stone – the future yet to be created.

Key to it all is the Rising Vibrational Scale which is the foundation on which all of their methods and methodologies are built.

What the client said:


“Creative, inspiring, patient, calm and genius! This is how I would describe Steve at A Brands Best Friend. He took our concept and turned it into a top notch website along with an amazing video. He understood our brand quickly and easily, and not once made any of our demands (we can be very demanding!) an issue. I would recommend him 300%!”

Lou Banks, Owner, Rising Vibe