Changing the change agents


Bolt From The You is a company that teaches businesses how to nurture their talent, shows their managers how to lead and helps embed culture and inspire change. In short they help people to ‘Say it. Do it. Be it’.

And after four years of organic growth the brand needed an overhaul to better reflect this newly defined ethos. It needed to be something bold and vibrant that matched the energy and personality of the business owners Jo and Lou.

Everything from a refreshed logo to a video that told the story of their journey so far, the Bolt brand got the boost it needed and has helped the company go from strength to strength.

What the client said:


“Steve Buckley – creative genius, role model in business partnering and the patience of a saint! We have worked with Steve on our re brand and he has delivered not only an exceptional end product but the value he places on customer relationships second to non. I have never met someone who can work at such a pace in such a calm way and I cannot recommend him highly enough. It feels like he has been part of our team and can only see how that will continue as we evolve our business.”

Jo Cowlin, Owner, Bolt From The You