Hello. I'm a brand's best friend.
But you can call me Steve.

I specialise in creating new brands, transforming existing ones and communicating the messages that bring brands and their audiences closer together.

In a crowded market it’s not enough for a brand just to look good. The challenge is inspiring an audience and creating real and lasting connections.

Good design can do that. Design that is well thought through and built on solid foundations, that informs and excites equally across any brand experience. Ideas powered by insight.

The creative process I use allows me to scale my approach and I’m proud to say my clients include local, national and international companies. 

Here’s a few recent projects.

Throw Me a Bone

Instinctively creative, family friendly and always hungry, I’m the best friend your brand can have.

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1st Floor, Kennedy House, 31 Stamford Street, Altrincham WA14 1ES